Phoenix Force is coming (again) in Jean Grey #1 first preview

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Apr 4, 2017, 9:55 PM EDT

One of the major changes in store for the X-Men status quo over the next few months is how the original five X-Men fit into Marvel Comics' overall picture. Well, I say "original five," but what I really mean are the young, time-displaced versions of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel and Iceman brought to the present by modern-day Beast at the beginning of All-New X-Men back in 2012. Whether they're the same people or some alternate-timeline version of said people is kind of an open question.

Anyway, those five mutants have decided, after years of struggling to understand their place in the world, that their place is ... away. At least for now. As part of the ResurreXion publishing event, the young X-Men are striking out on their own, helping the world in their own way, separate from Xavier's school and whatever new leader Kitty Pryde has in store there. That means we get two new books from this little team: X-Men Blue, and a solo series for Jean Grey from writer Dennis Hopeless (All-New X-Men) and artist Victor Ibanez (Extraordinary X-Men).

So, what will Jean's own book be focused on while she's also leading an X-team? The Phoenix, of course. Here's the official synopsis:

"A vision. A premonition. A warning. The Phoenix is coming back to Earth. It could be tomorrow, it could be years from now. But it’s on its way. Determined to not succumb to the fate that befell her adult counterpart, Jean will fight the future and forge her own destiny. One problem – she’s not ready. Not even close. So, on a quest to save her own life, she’ll travel across the Marvel Universe, honing her gifts under the tutelage of the greatest heroes and teachers. Even that may not be enough. Can Jean ever hope to escape the Phoenix? Or is the cycle of death and rebirth doomed to repeat itself?"

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Still, it will be interesting to see this version of Jean, who's also had to grapple with dramatically increased powers brought on by time travel, and contend with what seems to be her character's inevitable fate, no matter how many times, or in how many ways, she comes back.

Jean Grey #1 arrives May 3. Check out a preview, featuring Jean battling the Wrecking Crew, in the gallery below.