Photographer takes Batman action figure on a melancholy adventure in 13 pics

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Jan 22, 2014

We're used to looking at various incarnations of the Dark Knight, but after viewing these photos, your Batman perception might never be the same.

Remi Noel, a French photographer fascinated by the Jack Kerouac ideal of "America," spent eight years -- from 2004 to 2012 -- traveling through Texas in search of that classic sense of Americana. That, by itself, might have been unremarkable or repetitive, but when Noel started adding in images of his only companion on his journey -- a Batman action figure -- things took a fascinating turn.

According to Design You Trust, Noel resisted digitally altering (or even digitally shooting) any of the photos he took on his journey, letting the landscape and the lighting do all the work. The result is a series of fascinating, funny, challenging and even sad photos, all of which involve a Batman action figure in some way. In the images in the gallery below you'll see the Caped Crusader do everything from visit a laundromat to languish on city streets to contemplate the meaning of life from a hotel balcony. It's a fascinating series of photos, all without digital manipulation, and they're all well worth a look.

Noel's website sadly seems to be on the fritz right now, but for more of his Batman images, head to both source links below. 

(Via Comics Alliance and Design You Trust)

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