The Avengers of Bullying by Josh Rossi
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The Avengers of Bullying by Josh Rossi

Photographer takes inspiration from Avengers to spotlight anti-bullying

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Apr 18, 2018, 1:50 PM EDT

Bullied kids, assemble: A photographer has taken inspiration from the Avengers films to spotlight anti-bullying via an empowering photo campaign that celebrates its young, brave, and real-life heroes. 

Photographer Josh Rossi, his wife Roxana, and costume designer Julie Whiteley have teamed up with 15 kids for a photo shoot in which the youngsters were suited up to resemble Marvel’s greatest heroes. The project also gave each participating child a chance to share their personal stories about how bullying has affected their lives. 

Check out the video below, which provides details about the project: 


“After recently seeing the trailer for the new Avenger's movie, my wife Roxana and I were inspired to bring bullied kids together to provide a platform where their voices could be heard,” writes Jossi on his blog. “In the movie, the bully of the universe, Thanos, comes to take over the world, but the Avengers unite to destroy him.”

Here are a few of the images from the shoot that Rossi posted on his Instagram page

And here's the full group poster:

The Avengers of Bullying by Josh Rossi

The Avengers of Bullying by Josh Rossi

“Each Avenger has unique differences and strengths ranging from green and purple skin to being able to stop time. Without each superhero's strength and power, their efforts to defeat Thanos will be unsuccessful,” Rossi added. “Similar to bullying, as we unite against it we can stop it.”

This project follows one that Rossi, Roxana, and Whiteley completed to recreate the promotional photos of Justice League with sick and disabled kids as a means of empowering them and, of course, brightening their days.

Check out the photos and kids’ stories over on Rossi’s blog.