Check out these famous photos invaded by Star Wars action figures

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Dec 17, 2012

Action figures are good for a lot of things. You can collect them mint in their boxes, you can play with them, or you can take them outside and strap them to bottle rockets. Photographer and teacher David Eger saw something more in his Star Wars toys, and the result is an art project you have to see.

You might remember Eger from his 365 Days of Clones photo series, which is exactly what it sounds like. Though many of those photos focused on re-creations of iconic images by other artists, Eger realized that there were many great images that he'd missed, and thus "Cloned Photos" was born.

"Although the concept of recreating historical images is not original, I believe I have put a new twist on the idea," Eger writes. "'Cloned Photos' uses Clone Troopers and other Star Wars characters to recreate important and historical images."

The series includes re-creations of everything from movie posters (Jabba the Hutt as The Godfather) to album covers (Clone Troopers as the Beatles) and includes numerous iconic art pieces such as Pablo Picasso's "Guernica" and Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man." Among the photographs re-created are classic slices of American pop culture, including "Troopers Atop a Skyscraper," pictured above, and images of Chewbacca as Bigfoot.

We've pulled a handful of our favorites from Eger's collection, but he's got many, many more over at his Flickr page. He's also selling prints, cards, iPod covers and laptop skins through pages at Redbubble and Society6.

(David Eger via Boing Boing)