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Dec 3, 2007

Last year, science blogger Bora Zivkovic and a host of editors picked the best science blog posts of 2006 and collected them into a book called The Open Laboratory. I was greatly honored to have my Science Fare post included as a sort of preface to the book.

Bless him, Bora's doing it again for 2007. He has a long list of potential entries for the book, and is looking for more. Someone submitted a post of mine for his list (Is it hot in here or is it just me?). I'm OK with that; I was happy with how that post came out, and I'm flattered someone would submit it.

I was going to go through this past years' posts and see if there were any others I'd consider submitting, but then I wondered if other BABloggees out there in blogoland have different opinions. I'm a terrible judge of my own writing; things I think are mediocre get rave comments (fer criminy's sake, my post about "massing" has way more than 100 comments), and posts I think should make a huge splash get swallowed into the ether with nary a plop.

So what do you think? I'm actually very curious about what posts here on Bad Astronomy you all think would make good submissions for the book. Post your thoughts in the comments, and I'll collect a few of the top choices and send them on to Bora. Keep in mind the book is not color, so any color images in a post would not be included in the book. If a post depends on a picture then it wouldn't make a very good entry for the book.

The deadline for the book is December 20, so we have a couple of weeks to muddle through it. Thanks!

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