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Gaming roundup: Pikachu, Eevee show off new moves; Super Smash Bros. heads to colleges, Hollow Knight to Xbox One and PS4

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Sep 12, 2018, 5:13 PM EDT

Today’s gaming news is spectacular if you’re a Nintendo fan and double if you’re a nostalgic Nintendo fan. Pokemon, Super Smash Bros., and a game taking from Metroid and Castlevania are all in the news somehow — and all look awesome.

First things first, let’s get competitive. According to Variety, Nintendo’s brawler will be competing with college football this fall, as the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will take its combat straight to the tailgate this September. As in, fans can just play the new, unreleased Smash in the parking lots outside of college stadiums like they were doing only hours earlier in their dorm rooms and frat houses.

“Many of our biggest fans are now in college and have memories growing up playing one of the games in the Super Smash Bros. series,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s senior vice president of sales and marketing. “We want to bring Super Smash Bros. Ultimate directly to longtime and first-time players, and what better way than to combine two of college students’ favorite pastimes: video games and football?” If there’re free video games hanging around lots of smoked meats and beer, it’s not hard to guess where the college students will go. If you’re a pro wanting to rep your college pride, you can see the scheduled stops below:

Sept. 22 – Stanford @ Oregon

Oct. 6 – Alabama @ Arkansas

Oct. 13 – Wisconsin @ Michigan

Oct. 20 – Oklahoma @ TCU

Oct. 27 – Clemson @ FSU

Nov. 3 – South Carolina @ Ole Miss

Nov. 10 – TCU @ West Virginia

Nov. 17 – Miami @ Virginia Tech

Nov. 24 – Michigan @ Ohio State


Also on the docket from Variety is the announcement that Directive Games' Galaga AR, an adaptation of the classic arcade space blaster, will be heading to the iPhone's App Store later this year. The reveal happened at the Apple Special Event in Cupertino, California, which demonstrated the augmented reality game on stage with multiple players.


Next up, Hollow Knight’s Voidheart edition will be coming to Xbox One and PS4 on Sept. 25, according to developers Team Cherry. Fans can preorder the game now, which comes with the base story and the four expansive content packs: "Hidden Dreams," "The Grimm Troupe," "Lifeblood," and "Godmaster." The bug-smashing Metroidvania game recently hit the Nintendo Switch to much acclaim.


Finally, a new trailer for the Switch games Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee was released highlighting Secret Techniques (which seem to be replicating HM moves from the earlier games in the series like Strength that let Pokémon interact with the overworld to solve puzzles).

Check it out:

Yeah, you can surf with Pikachu on a surfboard (just like in Pokémon Yellow, back in the day!) and fly with Eevee (thanks to some balloons). The trailer also shows the UI in combat with gym leaders like Misty and Erika.

Your two titular companions also have new Partner Powers that look like upgrades to existing moves. And ... Eevee finally gets some elemental moves before evolving! It’ll be a whole new world when Pokémon Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee hide in the tall grass on Nov. 16.