Pirates of the Caribbean 5 is coming whether we want it or not

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

Remember how much you loved Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and really hoped we'd get more Captain Jack adventures? Yeah, me neither. But that isn't stopping DIsney from seeing if there's still some milk left in the ol' cash cow.

According to director Rob Marshall, Terry Rossio (one of the original Pirates writers) is busily overhauling the script, hoping to get it to a point where Johnny Depp will give it a thumbs-up. As Marshall told The Hollywood Reporter:

"Terry is writing it and he's working incredibly hard and he did a draft and rethought it all and started working on it again. You want to make sure you are asking the audience to come back to see an exciting adventure and it has to reach that caliber, and if not there's no reason to do it. I know Johnny feels the same way: He needs to see a script, but he would be happy—if it's the right script—to put that hat and sword back on."

There is no compelling reason to make another Pirates movie, except for a hunger to make money. Captain Jack Sparrow's story has been told, sometimes with a haphazard grace, sometimes with a clunky lurch.

Sometimes I wish studios would take their billions and billions of dollars and quit while they're ahead.

(via Slashfilm)