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Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride scuttles bride auction

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Mar 14, 2018, 1:34 PM EDT

A highly controversial scene from Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction is being changed after an April 23 shutdown. Part of the ride since 1967, a bride auction, where restrained women are being sold off into matrimonial slavery for the pleasures of pirates certainly embodied the criminal nature of piracy — but not when the ride is part of a gigantic, kid-focused film franchise.

Here’s the scene, in case you haven’t seen in:

“Hey, are you selling her by the pound?" yells one pirate. "Shift yer cargo, dearie, show 'em your larboard side," commands the auctioneer.

A rope-bound redheaded woman was the main prize of the sale (pirates audibly clamored for her), but she will be rewritten as a female pirate auctioning off loot. This reflects changes to the ride that occured back in 1997, when lusty pirates chasing frightened women were modified to be seen chasing the alcohol or treasure possessed by the (still frightened) women.

Those changes were the only ones previously enacted to address concerns towards content, though other changes (like the addition of Captains Jack Sparrow and Barbosa) addressed the ride’s relationship with the hit films.