Pivotal Cersei scene in Game of Thrones season five runs into trouble

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Aug 25, 2014, 4:54 PM EDT

A crucial Game of Thrones scene involving Cersei Lannister has just hit a major snag. If you have not read the books and don't want to know anything further, stop reading now.

Okay? Here we go...

As fans of the books know, Lena Headey's wickedly complex royal mother is scheduled to take a Penance Walk very soon -- where she is brought before a religious authority, stripped naked, has her head shaved, and is paraded through the streets of King's Landing in humiliating fashion. 

We spoke earlier this year about the scene with Headey, who said she was more or less ready for it. And apparently it is happening in season five -- or was.

According to TMZ, the scene is supposed to be shot in the town of Dubrovnik, Croatia. But the local church there, the Church of St. Nicholas, has a lot of power over what happens in the city and has decried that the scene does not comply with its very strict policy against public displays of sexuality.

As a result, the town's film commission has now refused to give the series a permit to shoot the scene there, and the producers have yet to figure out a solution. It's not easy for a production as massive as Game of Thrones to just pull out of one location and find another, for one thing.

But the scene has to go forward. Despite all the sex and bare flesh on display in Game of Thrones, Cersei has never been nude onscreen. Seeing her naked for the first time in a way that is not sexual or seductive at all is an enormously powerful moment for the character and her storyline (unlike some of the show's more gratuitous scenes).

What should the producers do? How disappointed will you be if this critical scene does not happen as it's supposed to?

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