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Watch: Pixar spills hilarious Easter eggs including Finding Nemo board game and Sully-themed toilet cover

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Feb 6, 2018, 12:07 PM EST (Updated)

Pixar has been known to tie its films together with Easter eggs, be they in feature films or shorts. Now the studio has released a video documenting some of the secrets behind (and shared by) its short films, noting the inspiration and references embedded in the small stories grown from their larger ones.

Some of these are flat-out neurotic while others are completely hilarious. A tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it glimpse of a Finding Nemo board game? A toilet cover that has the same fur pattern as Sully from Monsters, Inc.? Good lord.


But then you have something as sweet as the continuity of a Western TV show that is shown both in 101 Dalmatians and in the short Day and Night. There’s even a cameo by some theater-heckling Muppets.

While this incredible attention to detail can also be explained by Pixar already having footage, resources, and renders of its previous films lying around, there’s more to this video than showing off reusable efficiency. There’s a real sense of love and history built into Pixar’s films, which live in a world like our own that’s connected together with just a touch more magic.

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