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Pixar goes old school with spy-fi toy ads for Incredibles 2

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May 14, 2018, 9:29 PM EDT (Updated)

After The Iron Giant failed at the box office in 1999, writer/director Brad Bird circled back to an idea he had for a movie, a superhero concept that would be a sort of throwback to the comic books and spy films of the 1960s. 

Bird finally realized this vision, which had been gestating since 1993, with 2004’s The Incredibles from Disney-Pixar. To underscore the spy-fi influence of the Cold War era, composer Michael Giacchino emulated the style of famed James Bond composer John Barry while writing the musical cues for the animated films. 

With the sequel, Incredibles 2, out in theaters next month, Disney is now doubling down on the vintage atmosphere endowed to the Incredibles universe with some really neat retro toy commercials for plushes of Mr. Incredible, Frozone, and Elastigirl. 

The grainy quality of the ads along with the slightly muffled audio make them seem like something you might have seen in between Saturday morning cartoons in the 1960s. They even got Tom Kane (the voice of Professor Utonium on The Powderpuff Girls) to give the commercials that old-timey narration. 

And bonus: Each one has its own original and groovy song, which wouldn’t be out of place in the opening credits of a classic Bond film. Check them out above, then let us know which one is your favorite?

Disney-Pixar's Incredibles 2 opens wide June 15.