Pixar Pier- Jessie's Carousel concept art (Hero)
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Pixar Pier will expand the mythos of 'Woody's Roundup' from Toy Story

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Mar 12, 2018, 6:39 PM EDT (Updated)

The former Paradise Pier at Disney's California Adventure continues to morph into Pixar Pier, and today we have a look at one of its new attractions.  

We already know that the giant coaster at the heart of the pier is becoming an attraction based on The Incredibles, but many other Pixar films will be represented in this new area. Disney Parks Blog is reporting that one of the new points of interest will be Jessie's Critter Carousel, a ride based on everyone's favorite cowgirl from Toy Story 2 and 3.

According to the blog, the new carousel is inspired by Jessie's "wilderness friends" from the fictitious program "Woody's Roundup." Fans of Toy Story 2 will remember that particular television show as featuring Sheriff Woody, Jessie, Bulls-eye, and the wicked Prospector. It would seem that there was more story to that show than we knew about, as this is the first time we're hearing anything about Jessie's connection with the critters of the natural world. 

Pixar Pier- Jessie's Carousel concept art

Courtesy of Disney

The carousel will include an array of 56 different "adorable friends," including a turtle, a snake, an armadillo, and "two cozy logs inhabited by a family of owls." Take a look at some of the animal designs here: 

Pixar Pier- Carousel Critters concept art

Courtesy of Disney

Sure, it may be just another carousel (replacing the existing King Triton's Carousel, based on The Little Mermaid) — but anything that expands on the lore of Toy Story makes us excited. Here's hoping that they play actual animation from "Woody's Roundup" while everyone is waiting on line.

Also, just in case that's not enough Toy Story goodness coming right at you, a full-on Toy Story Land is set to open this June (part of Hollywood Studios in Orlando), and Toy Story 4 is still moving forward. You could say that the franchise is going to infinity... and beyond.  

The blog also makes it clear that Pixar Pier will have a little something that celebrates every Pixar film, whether it's a ride or a simple food truck. While it may not seem easy to think of a way to incorporate the complex (and glorious) world of Inside Out, they have found a way to include it. If guests are getting hungry to the point of getting cranky (it happens), then they can soothe their appetites with a hot dog, courtesy of that film's personification of anger. 

Pixar Pier- Angry Dogs concept art

Courtesy of Disney

All of this new Pixar goodness is set to be ready in 2019, and we can't wait. If you're lucky enough to live close by (or willing to hop on a plane), the chance to fully immerse yourselves in the films of Pixar is one that can't be passed up. 

(via Disney Parks Blog)