New Pixar video reveals how Easter eggs connect all their movies

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Jan 20, 2017, 1:15 PM EST

It's no secret that the talented filmmakers of the 17 Pixar movies love to insert sly references to pop culture, inside jokes and esoteric threads to the other films in the Pixar Universe. While you may believe you're supremely clever and have discovered every elusive clue hidden in the frames for the past 21+ years connecting these movies, there may be many that you missed. 

Here's a new video from Disney, released via their Toy Story Facebook page, that links these intertwining Pixar puzzle pieces, tying together dozens of characters across the many corners of their entire cartoon catalog, from Toy Story, Wall-E and The Incredibles to Monsters Inc., A Bug's Life and Cars.  

Get out your Easter basket and charge into this egg-citing romp across the Pixar playground and tell us how many of these references you caught yourself. 

(Via Collider)