These pizza vending machines will soon be rolling out across the U.S.

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Jan 12, 2017, 11:42 AM EST (Updated)

The Blu-ray dispensing Red Box kiosks have already taken the world by storm, but what goes great with movie night? Pizza, that’s what. And actual restaurants are so 2016.

Grub Street reports the French company Paline is finalizing plans to roll out its self-serve pizza vending machines across the U.S. Yes, this thing is pretty much what it sounds like — you put in money, and it spits you out a piping hot pizza in under three minutes. Isn’t science wonderful? The company has been piloting one of its 24-hour pizza ATMs at Xavier University the past several months, and at least 20 different states have inquired about having these installed. The machines could start shipping as soon as this month.

So how does all this culinary wizardry actually work? The machine stores pizza dough and a variety of eight different toppings in a refrigerator. When you order a pizza, it moves the proper ingredients over to a convection oven and essentially flash-cooks it. The whole process takes less than three minutes, and the pizzas don't actually look half bad. The students at Xavier seemed to like 'em, though college kids will eat pretty much anything. So yeah, your mileage may vary.

Regardless, this is obviously a clear sign we're reaching the singularity. And it's gloriously ridiculous. And hopefully delicious. Now all we need is a drone to bring it to us from the pizza ATM. 

(Via Grub Street)