Plagued with smelly shoes? This cutting edge gizmo uses nanotech to un-stink your kicks

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Aug 9, 2018

Stinky feet sufferers at their wit's end can rest easy, because Panasonic has a product that is designed to take the stink out of your kicks in the most high-tech way possible.

The electronics maker has introduced a futuristic new shoe deodorizer, the MS-DS100,  which eliminates shoe odor by blasting nano-sized ions into your those smelly sneakers and other assorted footwear.  

And with a name straight out of 2001 and a design that's pure Back to the Future, it's no wonder the gizmo's only being offered in Japan beginning September 20.

Per Panasonic, the MS-DS100 draws on nano-technology as it comes equipped with what in company parlance is called "nanoe-X," nano-sized ions that penetrate leather textile to remove the isovaleric acid that's produced by foot sweat and bacteria and is  the root cause of that horrible wafting scent that drives parents crazy after picking their kids up from soccer practice.


The big drawback? It takes a long time for the device to do its dirty work. That's because the MS-DS100 operates in two modes – one that takes five hours and a longer mode that takes seven hours for more stubborn odors.

Oh, and did we mention it works on battery power too? A godsend, we imagine, for those long car trips and it will certainly give Elon Musk and his flame thrower a run for its money!)

And the MS-DS100 comes packaged in a stylish storage case too, making it the perfect wedding registry gift for any nerd nuptials.

No word yet when Panasonic will bring its sci-fi shoe deodorizer to America, but no doubt the future is… effervescent.

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