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Plastic Man movie moving forward to join the DCEU

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Dec 7, 2018, 3:27 PM EST

After making his big screen debut with Teen Titans Go! To the Movies, a familiar superhero should be making his live-action debut soon if all goes according to plan for Warner Bros. and the DCEU. It’s not the Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic or the Arrowverse’s Elongated Man, but rather the other strechy guy, Plastic Man, who’s going to be joining the comedy-filled superhero ranks alongside Deadpool and Ant-Man.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Mayor and Breaking News in Yuba County screenwriter Amanda Idoko will be handling the script under executive producer Bob Shaye, film production president Walter Hamada, and Chantal Nong. The small-time criminal-turned-superhero story may have some Ant-Man similarities, but the film should be a very different one — even if it’s similarly billed as a comedic action-adventure.

Patrick “Eel” O’Brian aka Plastic Man is a cult favorite, especially among comic creators, as the stretchy goofball opens up tons of creative storytelling possibilities in both structure and content. He’s also just a lot of fun! Hence why he’s only shown up in cartoons so far (though the Wachowskis worked on a live-action script back in the ‘90s).

Jack Cole’s 1941 creation may be the newest superhero brought to screen by DC, but the project is still in the very early stages — no director has been named, nor any broad sketches of where Idoko will take the character. However, THR reports that this has been a long time coming for the studio, as they’ve been looking for a writer able to adapt the “light-hearted” and “silly” character for a film universe desperately in need of a sense of humor.