Play video games while you wait for your flight at Dallas/Fort Worth Airport

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Jul 3, 2018

No more searching for an outlet at the airport when your Switch runs low on batteries, at least if you’re flying out of Dallas. The Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport is adding two Xbox-based game lounges for travellers with a bit of downtime.

According to the Dallas Business Journal, Gameway is bringing two game rooms (based on the PC-centric ones in South Korea) to the airport’s E and B terminals.

These lounges, the former of which offers 22 Xbox One stations, charge $.42/minute of gameplay or a $20 flat rate for unlimited game time. These consoles offer 19 pre-installed titles including Fortnite, Minecraft, and Rocket League, which can be played online with either a user’s Xbox account or one provided by Gameway.

Citing key demographic statistics, Gameway president Jordan Walbridge, said that gaming and airports go hand-in-hand. “With 50 percent of Americans playing video games at least three hours per week or more, and the average gamer being a male who’s 35 and a female in their mid 40s, this demographic perfectly aligns with who is traveling at the airport,” Walbridge said.

An older, frequently-flying group of gamers might not be bringing their Nintendo 3DS’s to their gates, but killing a few hours in a grown-up arcade? Sounds like a solid deal that’s about as expensive as an airport novel - especially since Gameway is currently in discussions with airports around the nation for similar lounge construction.

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