Playstation pulls the plug on Bendis' comic-based cop series Powers

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Aug 3, 2016, 6:17 PM EDT

Not every start-up streaming service can become the next Netflix, and it seems not even Sony has the clout to muscle into the business. Case in point: PlayStation’s burgeoning original content studio has axed its flagship series.

The Powers live-action series, based on Brian Michael Bendis’ long-running comic about cops trying to keep the peace in a super-powered world, will officially call it quits with its now-concluded second season. The show was a hot mess, and though it showed flashes of immense promise at times (something we explored at length here), it never really seemed to find its footing in the long run.

Season 1 ended with a fascinating setup, introducing the iconic “Who Killed Retro Girl?” arc, but Season 2  floundered and failed to live up to the promise. It’s such a fascinating and fun world, but they just couldn’t figure out what to do with it. Losing the insane charisma of Eddie Izzard’s big bad Wolfe from Season 1 didn’t help matters, either. 

Bendis confirmed the news earlier today:

Looking to what this means for Playstation, you have to wonder if they’ll just call it quits at this point. Despite its comic pedigree, Powers failed to gain much traction at all, even with the bit of buzz it had when the first season launched. The service hasn’t had much direction or news of new projects as of late, and with Powers on the chopping block, PlayStation might just stick to video games and its surprisingly solid TV portal business.

What’s your take on Powers’ cancellation? Are you sad to see it go?

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)