PlayStation unleashes stunning new Horizon Zero Dawn 4K gameplay trailer for PS4 Pro

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Sep 8, 2016, 12:46 PM EDT

As a video game player, one of my most anticipated releases for 2017 is Horizon Zero Dawn, the next video game entry from Guerrilla Games, the award-winning developer behind the Killzone franchise.

So imagine how giddy I was when I saw that PlayStation had just released a brand-new gameplay trailer for the game in stunning 4K for their new PS4 Pro console arriving on Nov. 10! Yeah, very giddy.

The open-world action RPG tells the story of skillful hunter Aloy, who lives a thousand years in the future on a planet Earth that’s been abandoned by man and Skynet huge robotic creatures have taken over.

Players take on the role of Aloy, who has to hunt down these robotic creatures by using a mix of primitive (like a bow and arrow) and more technologically advanced weapons in order to strip these creatures of their metal and electricity, which are vital resources for her survival.

As Aloy, players will embark “on a compelling, emotional journey and unravel mysteries of tribal societies, ancient artifacts and advanced technologies that will determine the fate of this planet, and of life itself.” Have a look at the new trailer:

Game Informer has also released a new coverage trailer that features interviews with the game developers and some gameplay footage. And, just in case you haven’t seen this one before (and to thoroughly whet your appetite), I’ve also included an 8-minute gameplay video that was released during this year’s E3. 

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on Feb. 28, 2017, exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

(via Den of Geek)