Pluto launch, take 3

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Jan 19, 2006
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Update (10:47 Pacific): Launch is now scheduled for 19:00 UT (11:00 Pacific). There are low clouds at 6000 feet interfering with the launch.

Live webcam of the Pluto New Horizons launch:

OK, so here we go again. High winds stopped the first try, and a power outage in Maryland stopped the second.

But New Horizons is still on the pad, waiting to launch. The window for launch opens at 18:08 Universal time (10:08 a.m. Pacific) and runs until 20:07 UT (12:07 Pacific).

The links you want:

In other news, the Stardust folks had a press conference this morning, but it was at 8:00 my time, when I had to take the Little Astronomer to school. I only saw the last few minutes, but clearly the team is very pleased with how things went. If anyone saw it, then feel free to chat in the comments section.