Police needed after thousands of Hobbits overwhelm casting call

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 16, 2012

How many Hobbit extras are too many Hobbit extras? Well, if you ask the police of Wellington, New Zealand, the nearly 3,000 would-be Middle-earth residents who showed up for a casting call for Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings prequels qualify.

According to the Guardian, Jackson and company were expecting about 1,200 people when they announced a casting call looking for:

Men under 164cm and women under 155cm, big men with "character faces" over 175cm, men with large biceps, women with "character faces" and women with long hair to appear in the movies.

After the police shut the casting call down, citing issues of motorway safety, The Hobbit will now use the web to find its crowds.

Hey, 3,000 people with no shoes on would make anyone a little nervous.

(via Guardian)

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