POLL: Was last night's Lost OMG or WTF? Tell us!

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:31 PM EST

Could last night's Lost have been the most divisive episode EVER? Based on what you've all been saying so far about "Across the Sea"—yes!

Over on Twitter, kctoons wrote, "The more I think about last night's Lost episode the more I'm groovy with it.... I really like the Greek comparisons/story telling... " But WriteOnCrouton disagreed, tweeting, "Finally, after so many years, the truth about Lost is revealed tonight. And apparently the truth is that it is stupid." Meanwhile, _mldb came down somewhere in between: "So I almost understood/was entertained by last night's Lost episode. Is it starting to make sense, or am I just losing my mind?"

But what did you think? Let us know by answering one of the following spoiler-free questions!