POLL: What December season TV finale did you like best?

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Dec 15, 2012, 11:18 AM EST

It was a big December for TV season finales, bigger perhaps than we've ever seen. And considering the finales might end up being series finales, the stakes are even bigger to end things well.

Terra Nova finished off with an explosive two-hour "event" that cut the colony off from the future. Primeval saved the world, and Abby asked Connor to marry him. American Horror Story killed off its main characters, who were suddenly issue-free and happy as they drove another family away from the "Murder House" and cozied up by a Christmas tree. And on Sanctuary, the government tried to wipe out the Abnormals and we found out what the heck was going on with Magnus.

Considering Terra Nova, Primeval and Sanctuary may all be at the end of their runs, and considering American Horror Story finished its one-season story and will have an entirely new cast, location and story next season, what was YOUR favorite finale?

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