Poltgergeist remake's got a director who's haunted houses before

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Mar 7, 2013, 9:32 AM EST

Looks like MGM wanted someone with previous creepy-house experience for their remake of Poltergeist.

Deadline's Mike Fleming is reporting that the studio has selected Gil Kenan to direct the remake of the classic Tobe Hooper/Steven Spielberg horror flick, which tells the story of a family that unwittingly buys a house sitting atop a cemetery. Kenan's previous credits as director include The Lark and City of Ember (as well as the forthcoming A Giant), but he's best known for the acclaimed 2006 animated feature Monster House, another story of a house that's out for blood. 

The remake doesn't have a release date yet, or even any casting news, but now it's got a leader to steer it in one direction or another. What do you think? Is Kenan a good choice for this flick, or should MGM have gone after someone with more direct horror experience?

(Via Deadline)