Post-credits scene in Captain America: Civil War revealed (SPOILER)

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Apr 28, 2016, 12:02 PM EDT

Early international screenings have let slip what you'll see at the very end of Captain America: Civil War. Warning: spoilers ahead!

Captain America: Civil War doesn't open in North America until May 6, but the movie is already rolling out in a number of other territories, which means word is getting around about the bonus scenes that play midway through the closing credits and at the very end.

The press (like us) did get to see the mid-credits scene, and we won't reveal it here. But journalists did not get to watch the scene at the very end of the credits scroll, which fans are now getting to see. Birth.Movies.Death has posted a description of the scene as it was relayed to them, and we have our own source that has corroborated that as well.

Read no further if you don't want to know what the scene at the end is. 

Still with us?

OK, here is how BMD describes the scene:

Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler The post-credits tag features Spider-Man. It's short, and the basic set up here is that he's exploring the new suit that Tony Stark has given him (and which we see in action in the big airport battle). The reveal: his new web shooters have a digital readout display, making this a much more high tech Spidey than we have ever seen before. Then there's a bit of onscreen text that says "Spider-Man Will Return," which is the usual James Bond thing (and which Marvel has done a couple of times as well).  

There you have it. If you're a little disappointed that we don't get a look at Open eyeClose eye Show Spoiler Doctor Strange or Guardians Vol. 2, don't give up hope -- directors Joe and Anthony Russo and screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have both hinted that there might well be a third tag as well that won't show up until the movie premieres here on May 6.

In the meantime, do you like what they've got planned? Will you stay until the very end? Don't kid yourself -- of course you will.