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Credit: Boom! Studios

Post-Shattered Grid, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers begin a mysterious new era

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Oct 7, 2018, 1:29 PM EDT

Sunday afternoon was Morphin time at New York Comic Con. Boom! Studios brought the creators of its Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics out for a panel dubbed "Beyond the Grid," looking at the ramifications of the Shattered Grid storyline that just ended and the direction the new creative team will be taking.

"We did kill a lot of Power Rangers," admitted writer Kyle Higgins of his universe-changing event. "We prepped everyone at [Power Rangers studio] Saban very early on about what we wanted to do. The promise of the premise was for me [that] Drakkon wins. I wanted to see this world."

Now Marguerite Bennett, fresh off a run on DC's Batwoman series, and artist Simone Di Meo are the new creative team for the title. "I adored Power Rangers when I was a little girl," Bennett said. "I held on to the sword more than was appropriate, taking the plastic sword to bed!" Now she's guiding them beyond Higgins' shake-up. "I wanted to explode out of that into a new environment," she added. "This is a place that's cut off without any sense of hope or life or Morphin energy."

Playing a central role is the mysterious Solar Ranger, a character introduced in September's issue #31, Bennett's debut. "The Solar Ranger shouldn't exist," she said. "How could she possibly be here? She's the absolute paradox."

When the next arc begins in February's issue #36 readers will finally get a look under her helmet.

Higgins is now working on Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon with artist Giuseppe Cafaro. The original graphic novel, coming out December 5, features Tommy Oliver (aka the original Green Ranger) in his post-Space Patrol Delta life. "Tommy has been more Rangers than anyone, but as a person his life is not well defined," Higgins pointed out. "This graphic novel is really a look at the legacy of Tommy Oliver. Tommy has to become a Ranger one last time in order to save his son. It's going to bring him into contact with people from his past, and it's also going to bring him into contact with his powers again."

Fans were given an exclusive preview comic with the first 20 pages of the 90-page book.


Credit: Boom! Studios

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