11 awesome can't-look-away sci-fi GIFs

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Marc Bernardin
Dec 14, 2012

You've seen them all over the Internet, tagged at the end of emails, tucked away on bulletin-board signatures, passed around like, er, things you pass around. We've collected a dozen of the funniest geek-centric GIFs we could find.

Summer Glau, glacially posing for pictures

Captain Picard shooting Chunk in the belly, gangster-style

Luke flying from a galloping AT-AT

The real end of Lost: It was all Vincent's dream!

Conan the Barbarian's rave

Khan finds Waldo. Finally.

The Matrix, origami fight!

Oh, yes, Jean-Luc Picard likes what he sees

Leo DiCaprio in Mordor

Jedi Knights don't like babies

A Night at the Enterprise