Possible Black Panther actor reveals how his meeting with Marvel went

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Dec 17, 2012

We've been hearing buzz of a Black Panther movie for a while, and now it seems Marvel has already had at least one meeting with a potential actor for a role in the project. So what'd he have to say about his secret meeting with Marvel?

Stuntman, trained fighter and mostly bit-part actor Raw Leiba has had some recent talks with Marvel about playing Black Panther baddie Erik Killmonger, and tells World of Superheroes he'd love to score the role:

"Well, it really all started with a visit to Marvel, they knew about me, but it was being there at Marvel talking to the artist and the wonderful people that work there and Marvel getting that opportunity to see me in person that put me in this position ... It would mean a lot, obviously Marvel is a fantastic enterprise and to have the opportunity to have a major role in any Marvel movie is a blessing."

So what makes Leiba, a relative unknown in the acting world, such an attractive option for Marvel? According to Leiba, it's mostly dumb luck—he just happens to look a whole lot like the character. Plus he should have the physicality to actually pull it off:

"One of the first things they mentioned, that I have, was how I look exactly like the character but it takes more than just looking like Killmonger you have to BE Killmonger. Having the acting experience coupled with all the athletic and fighting skill needed for the role, having trained with the world famous Gracie family in the art Brazilian Ju-Jitsu for many years and the stunt and stage combat experience made the process easier , so I knew when Marvel got the opportunity to see that it was gonna be a good thing.

Do you think Leiba would be a good casting choice? Are you looking forward to seeing Black Panther on the big screen?

(Via World of Superheroes)