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POW! Entertainment is working on a public memorial for its co-founder, Stan Lee

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Nov 19, 2018, 11:30 AM EST (Updated)

Stan Lee's unfortunate passing last Monday rocked the world of pop culture, but it shan't soon forget him. Despite a private funeral (per his and his family's final wishes) on Friday, his media production company, POW! Entertainment, is working on a memorial that will allow the public to celebrate his life and legacy.

POW! (founded in 2001) confirmed this via Lee's official Twitter account with a lengthy message about honoring the man's request for privacy and plans for the memorial.

"We at Stan Lee's POW! Entertainment are working on putting together a tribute befitting the greatest creator of our time and the father of modern pop culture. The grandeur of Stan makes this a monumental task, and we hope to have more info in the days to come," reads part of the post, which can be seen in its entirety below.

In July, Lee dropped a $1 billion lawsuit against POW!, having claimed they got him to sign away his name and likeness without proper consent. Now that he is gone, however, POW! will control his social media accounts.

Over the last seven days, fans (celebrity or otherwise) have shown an unbelievable outpouring of love for Stan Lee by remembering run-ins they had with him in the past, or simply reflecting on their favorites among his many comic book creations. Even DC took out an ad in The Hollywood Reporter to remember the man, proving that his contributions to the world of comic books crossed all boundaries.

Among other things, a fan-organized memorial service was held in Long Island, Mohamed Sanu of the Atlanta Falcons wore Stan Lee-themed cleats while playing against the Cowboys, and the Superman statue in Metropolis, Illinois, rocked a black armband in solemn remembrance.