Chosen One of the Day: The Black Ranger's Hip Hop Kido

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May 8, 2017, 5:52 PM EDT (Updated)

You might have noticed that last month there was a brand new adaptation of '90s nostalgia in the form of Saban's Power Rangers.

The movie was … fine. It wasn't amazing or anything, but as I already discussed after it came out, it was a great Power Rangers movie. It had almost everything a fan of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers could want. Megazord? Check. Reference to Tommy Oliver? Check. Rita chewing scenery like it's a really good batch of taffy? Check. Amazing Krispy Kreme product placement? Wait … you didn't go in expecting that? TOO BAD. CHECK.

But there was one grotesque oversight that I just cannot remain silent about any longer. Where were the Black Ranger's sick dance moves? Where was the Hip Hop Kido???

For those who are unaware, Hip Hop Kido was the original Black Ranger's fighting style of choice. He made it up himself, you know. It's some kind of combination of karate and hip-hop dancing in which Zack dances around his enemies to confuse them and then kicks them in the face. Yes, it is wonderful and yes, I have video.

This is established from the beginning of the series. Seriously, he does it in the first episode and names it in the second when he … attempts to teach Alpha 5 how to do it? Dude is a robot with limited movement capabilities. He's got gonna be doing any kind of dancing.

Best I can tell, the geniuses behind Mighty Morphin Power Rangers decided that there could only be one martial arts master on the Power Ranger team and they already had Jason. Kimberly and Trini were gymnasts, Billy was, well, Billy was a nerd so he just looked up to Jason and Zack's fighting ability. Zach fell somewhere in the middle, but with the added flavor of fly dance moves.

Hip Hop Kido was so much a part of the Black Ranger's personality that Walter Jones, the actor behind the character, actually slammed the new movie for not including it.

He taught it to kids!

So, Power Rangers producers, I have a request. You've got five more movies, or so you claim. Give Zack back his personality. Give him back his dance moves.

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