Chosen One of the Day: Sexual tension in the Power Rangers movie

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Apr 26, 2017, 2:50 PM EDT (Updated)

It's been 24 years since the Power Rangers first graced American television screens in their multicolored super heroic cheese-tastic glory. Now they're back, once again, taking on a modern interpretation of the beloved children's show in the brand new movie.

The movie stays pretty true to the source material while also making some major updates, which is exactly what you want in a reboot. But there's one thing in particular that we really need to talk about: the sexual tension between two of the Rangers.

I'm not talking about Jason Scott and Kimberly Hart, oh no. I'm talking about Kimberly and Trini.

Now, I can already hear you hardcore fans getting ready to spew your hatred and venom at me for daring to suggest a ship outside the traditional MMPR relationships. I can even hear a six-year-old me yelling about how Kimberly and Tommy are endgame and HOW DARE I … but listen, six-year-old me, you're in first grade and you're pretty inflexible when it comes to things you love. Hear me out.

One of the changes the movie makes to its television predecessor is the much-publicized gayness of the Yellow Ranger. It's really nothing in the movie, just a tiny little moment that lends itself to explanation of her pathology, but when paired with the number of meaningful looks these two give each other over the course of the film, it's pretty obvious these two are crushing on each other pretty hard.

I did not go into this movie expecting to ship Trini with anyone — even with my track record of wishing everything was just a little bit gayer — but the evidence was simply too convincing.

Exhibit A: During the NYCC panel back in October, the Pink Ranger herself teased the chemistry between the two, saying Kim and Trini's relationship over the course of the film is "a little love story."

Exhibit B: They can't stop looking at each other. At all. It's almost distracting how often these two characters exchange looks or smiles or just straight up STARE at each other. They can't help themselves. The movie goes out of its way to convince us that Jason and Kimberly maybe have a thing for each other, but Kimberly and Trini just can't keep their eyes off each other. Alpha 5 even asks them why they keep looking at each other. Is it a human thing? No, Alpha, it's not a human thing. It's love.

Exhibit C: The eclair duel. Looks and subtle chemistry are one thing, but there is a moment in this film that just cements this relationship as a love for the ages and it, like many of the film's pivotal moments, takes place on the hallowed grounds of the local Krispy Kreme. It's in the middle of the training montage, but it is hard to miss. Kimberly and Trini, once strangers who kinda think the other is cute and a little mysterious, have what is ostensibly their first date. Not only are they sharing an eclair, the sexiest of all the pastries, but when they get to the last bite of eclair things start to get steamy. There are mischievous looks, sly smiles and a flurry of dueling forks.

I dare you to watch these two girls do battle over a creme filled dessert and NOT assume they're going to go smush their faces together later. I dare you.

Add to this the fact that there's a trailer kiss between Jason and Kimberly that was cut from the final product and I'm thinking the filmmakers recognize the obvious chemistry between the two super-powered ladies.

So … Power Rangers team … can we make it official? Power Rangers 2: Kim and Trini's First Date?

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