Powers producer promises news soon on FX comic cop series

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Jan 14, 2013, 2:52 PM EST

Brian Michael Bendis' Powers is an excellent comic, and would likely make a great foundation to build a TV show. Bendis has spent the past several years trying to prove that point at FX, and despite reports of the project's imminent demise, he says things are looking up. So what's the latest?

A story recently broke via Latino Review that a reshoot of the pilot failed to impress FX execs, stating the project is likely dead in the water.

Not so, says Bendis.

Once that story hit, Bendis took to Twitter in an effort to set the record straight, saying the story is "100% false" and that "every name and fact are incorrect." So, there you go. After further prodding, he said some type of "good news" announcement is coming soon:

The gritty story of Powers follows a team of regular cops trying to police a superhero-filled world, and would likely be a good fit with the network's offerings. But all the pieces just won't seem to fall into place.

As far as casting, there's no telling who would be attached if this thing actually moved forward. Most of the cast featured in the original pilot has since moved on, and initial rumors at the time indicated the casting picks were one of the issues the network wanted retooled. So, who knows.

We're glad to hear there's still movement behind the scenes, and Bendis' bravado is encouraging, especially considering this series has been in the hopper for a few years now.

Heck, if nothing else, FX could pull a Mockingbird Lane and just put the pilot out there to see what happens.

What do you think? Will this one ever see the light of day?

(Via Bleeding Cool)