Praise the lord, the Preacher Season 2 trailer has come to save us all

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Jun 1, 2017

Let's just be honest here. If a new Preacher trailer drops and we catch wind of it, we're going to share it because, what are we, monsters? Especially after they've whetted our appetites with not one but two teasers. 

Like the first two teasers, this new trailer sports an '80's soundtrack, sarcasm, fights, swearing, supernatural occurrences and lots more. The gang's back and on what looks like a road trip from Hell. Or, as the trailer title hints, on a road trip to find God. The first season did a great job of setting up this world, and putting the gang on the road looks like a really clever way to explore it.

Wherever they're going, they get to do it in 13 episodes thanks to a beefed-up Season 2, and if this trailer's a hint of just some of the mayhem to come, it's gonna be one hell of a ride.

I'm betting you'll watch this more than once. Watch out for that Go-Go's earworm. It got me good.

Preacher debuts June 25 on AMC.

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