Preacher saves new trailer and villain for raucous SDCC panel

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Sep 3, 2019, 7:16 AM EDT (Updated)

Leave it to the minds behind Preacher to push things to the extreme.

I can't say I've fully embraced Preacher (I have not watched the second season yet, in fact) but if today's San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel presentation and new footage were any indication, I am going to give this bizarre and foul-thinking adaptation of Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon's equally inappropriate fantasy/horror book another look.

In addition to introducing Hitler (Noah Taylor) as a character, the series this season is welcoming a supervillain from the comics: Herr Starr, leader of the secret organization known as The Grail.

The second season has found Jesse (Dominic Cooper), Tulip (Ruth Negga), and Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) on the road in search of God, with the Saint of Killers (Graham McTavish) hot on their heels. Herr Starr (played by Pip Torrens) will no doubt make things even more interesting.

First at the panel we got a new trailer:

And we also got a Hall H-exclusive clip in which Herr Starr flashes back to how he joined The Grail, eliminating other recruits one by one through a mixture of brutal killings, perverse ways of defending himself, and his ability to endure pain in coldly Teutonic fashion (but he's very concerned with getting his parking validated while going through all this).

Herr Starr's introduction was both horrifying and hilarious, with Torrens saying on the panel that playing the twisted adversary was "highly therapeutic."

Torrens and fellow Grail members Julie Ann Emery (Featherstone) and Malcolm Barrett (Hoover) joined the panel a bit later, after executive producer Seth Rogen, Cooper, Negga, Gilgun, McTavish, and Ian Colletti (Arseface) had all taken their seats onstage.

Rogen started things off by telling moderator Chris Hardwick that the fact that Preacher even got made for TV was a mark of how "people’s sensibilities have declined over the years."

He also noted that there was criticism of the show in its early going, saying that most of what they covered in the first season happened by "page 4" in the comics, but that it was important to ease non-comics fans into the show's off-kilter universe.

Cooper said we'll see more of Jesse's past as the show goes on, while Negga said that Tulip's journey this season will be one of realizing that her relationship with Jesse will not go back to the way it once was. As for Cassidy, Gilgun said he's on a "path of redemption," although Rogen chimed in that things will get more "vampire-y" for the century-plus-old bloodsucker.

Asked by a fan if he'll ever appear on the show himself, Rogen said there's a character he's thinking of playing in the third season, but wouldn't say who. He then joked that he plans to take over for Cooper and rename the show "Rabbi."

Episode 6 of Preacher's second season airs this Sunday, with seven more to go after that.

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