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Preacher Season 3 SDCC press conference promises most comic content so far

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Jul 20, 2018, 9:08 PM EDT

AMC’s Preacher has been heading more and more towards fidelity with the Garth Ennis comic that it’s been adapting over the past three seasons, which means some really dark depths are being plumbed in live-action. Deaths are being reversed, flashbacks are disturbing any and all fans, and things are generally going off the rails.

So what can fans expect from the remainder of the season?

During the show’s press conference at San Diego Comic-Con, stars Dominic Cooper, Ruth Negga, and Joseph Gilgun, along with executive producer/showrunner Sam Catlin and executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg talked plenty about the weirdness of the season.

For instance, why bring in John Wayne? "At a certain point we weren't going to do John Wayne at all," Catlin said. Rogen added that the first season had "so much weird s**t" that adding Wayne as an imaginary friend might've been too much. But don't worry, this season is going to be crazy, and the Preacher hardcore will be pleased. "This season there's more directly from" the comics than the first two seasons, said Catlin.

Moving on to character development, Negga talked about Tulip this season as regaining some agency and becoming "her own superhero." Reconciliation between the cast seems possible but not certain — Cooper pondered the mistakes of his character and what's coming down the line, only for Gilgun to chime in that their complex friendship was built on second chances. We're also about to learn a lot more about the very, very evil grandmother next episode, Catlin teases. And she likely won't be very sympathetic.

You'll see when Preacher airs on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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