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Preacher exclusive: Watch T.C. warn young Jesse in this exclusive sneak peek

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Dec 9, 2019, 3:51 PM EST (Updated)

Fans of the Preacher comic who have been waiting for the AMC television series based on the comic to be more faithful to the comics should have plenty to satisfy them this season. The season starts out with Jesse and Cassidy taking Tulip's corpse to Angelville, where Jesse does the unthinkable: brings her to Gran'ma to resurrect her from death. Now TV viewers get to see the series explore Jesse's sick and twisted upbringing as it unfolds in live action, and to have that epic story fleshed out more in serial television.

Fan-favorite characters like Gran'ma, Jody, and T.C. have been brought to vivid life by Betty Buckley, Jeremy Childs, and Colin Cunningham, acting out the most horrifying chapter in Jesse Custer's life. While the comic touches on how terrifying these characters are, the writers of the AMC series have found ways to flesh out the world of Angelville and give greater detail to the life of Marie L'Angelle and those who are at her mercy.

SYFY WIRE has an exclusive sneak peek of Preacher Episode 304, "The Tombs," in which T.C. (Cunningham) gives young Jesse (played wonderfully by Will Kindrachuk) a warning of what happens to folks who wrong his Gran'ma.

Check out the entire episode this Sunday when it airs on AMC at 9PM ET / 8PM CT.

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