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Predator drops new images, teases 'ultimate assassin'

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Dec 20, 2018, 4:21 PM EST (Updated)

The Predator is coming back to Earth, and now we know a bit more about why it’s so intent on wiping out the ragtag group of humans looking to stop it. Shane Black’s sequel to the killer-alien franchise is going to be an R-rated orgy of one-liners and violence (with plenty of Predator hounds thrown in for good measure), but we only knew about the “why” sort of tangentially. Predators love killing people, what more did you want to know?

But, along with some new pictures from the film, we’ve gotten some details on the movie straight from the director. According to Total Film’s sister publication Gamesradar, Black spoke to the former about the film’s plot.

“There’s a group of rogue Predators on Predator world,” Black said. “They’re not happy that they send their champions to Earth and they never come home. This has ruffled feathers over the years to the point where there’s a group of Predators who aren’t above punching back by incorporating characteristics from other species they’ve hunted to breed an ultimate assassin.”

The ultimate assassins, those genetically modified Predators we’ve seen in the trailers, are driven by spite and ego — how could humans defeat a Predator? That’s a cool motive for a proud warrior race and a terrifying drive that the group of humans (led by Boyd Holbrook’s Quinn McKenna, seen below) have to combat.

Check out this new still of Holbrook taking aim, and wielding a foolish human weapon:

While Black is altering things from the original films, he’s still taking the reins of the series seriously. “Even though some of the iconography’s been lost, there’s something very special still about the Predator,” Black said. “When I saw it in the room, I thought, ‘Oh, f***, this is up to me now. I better make sure I bring my game here’.”

Black’s spin on the universe has only made these petty aliens even scarier — because they’re adapting specifically to kill humans.

The Predator continues resenting all Earthlings on Sept. 14.