'Predators' takes the fight to Facebook

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Dec 14, 2012

This post is an advertisement, brought to you by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment for the worldwide game, Predators: The Hunt. Visit the Predators: The Hunt game site here.

The Worldwide Game

Can you assemble a team that's tough enough to escape from the Predators' deadly game preserve?

Find out by playing Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's Predators: The Hunt, a groundbreaking global web-based game, set in the universe of Predators, the new movie from Robert Rodriguez, on Blu-ray & DVD 10.19.10.

Predators: The Hunt immerses fans in the world of the movie they love by allowing players to take a series of aptitude tests that will decide which of the unique characters they will play from the blockbuster film.

Using Facebook Connect, players then assemble teams that they trust to help them complete their mission. Teams are given clues that encourage them to scour the internet to find enemies on a variety of websites (including Syfy), and in-banner games, and defeat them in increasingly inventive ways.

Successful teams are rewarded with exclusive material when they return to the main website, including a special Motion Comic that's not available anywhere else!

Powered by Facebook and special "hunting" banners on web and mobile,
Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's Predators: The Hunt marks the first time that a game of this type has been created for the launch of a Blu-ray DVD!

The Predators Blu-ray is available 10.19.10!

Play the game at

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