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Prepare for Amazing Spider-Man 2 with this snarky 13 min. stab at Spider-Man 3

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May 1, 2014, 2:15 PM EDT (Updated)

Spider-Man 3 is a hot topic among superhero fans, with most viewers grinding their teeth and clenching their fists in disappointment whenever it's mentioned.  The ruthless ruffians at CinemaSins took aim at Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 from 2007 in a take-no-prisoners video slaying, tearing it apart plot hole by plot hole.  It ain't pretty, but when you spend more than $250 million on a sequel with every top talent in the business, you'd better well deliver to your adoring audience.  It didn't.

There were also rumors of friction between Raimi and Sony studio heads on the weak, cliche-clogged screenplay and specifically the pathetic Venom development.  Apparently the new trilogy was rushed into production to prevent the character rights from reverting back to Marvel.  When the smoke cleared, the film did end up with a worldwide take just south of $900 million, but it crushed Raimi's credibility and the hearts of millions of Spidey faithful with a lame Venom storyline, a lukewarm Gwen Stacy, stupid space goo and that silly, cringe-inducing Peter Parker dance strut down the boulevard.  Stop it!

Let's hope Marc Webb's new installment brings back more respect and credibility to the series when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 opens wide on Friday.

Until then, crank up the Sin Meter for this Spider-Man smackdown and break out your dancin' shoes!

(Via You Bent My Wookie)

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