Prepare to get your mind blown by Sideshow Collectibles’ chilling Xenomorph, Big Daddy and Cthulhu

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Sep 27, 2017, 6:55 PM EDT

Have you always wanted a disembodied Xenomorph head, a Big Daddy and his Little Sister from Bioshock, or a writhing replica of Cthulhu haunting your shelf? You know you have. Even if you never thought about it before, now you will, because what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Sideshow Collectibles makes some of the most remarkably detailed models in existence, but these are just beyond. The company that is behind those epic Court of the Dead figures, which you are probably familiar with if you’ve ever been to a comic con in your life, recently released unreal models of all three characters that are legit nightmare fuel (and awesome for scaring away unwanted guests). They’re all available for preorder right now, and all have payment plan options as an antidote to sticker shock. Because you really don’t want anything this awesome to get away.



You wouldn’t want this thing to come and give you lollies. Ever. That is a testament to how eerily lifelike Mr. Bubbles and his dead-eyed, doll-like companion, a collab between Sideshow and Threezero, are. This human lab experiment whose flesh is forever bonded to a diving suit has a removable drill and is almost infinitely poseable. As if that wasn’t enough—horror of horrors—it has three interchangeable colors of headlights that actually light up.



Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn! You don’t have to be a cultist or even open the Necronomicon to summon Cthulhu from the eldritch depths of R’lyeh into whatever room of the house you feel could use some ancient terror from the bottom of the ocean. This collab with Pop Culture Shock Collectibles is so amazing, down to the last tentacle, that it would probably bring H.P. Lovecraft back from the grave just to bow to it. Cthulhu even comes with his own shipwreck.



This majestically gruesome life-size Xenomorph head is a collab between Sideshow and CoolProps that is an exact replica of the beast in Alien: Covenant. The Xenomorph actually morphed several times during the filming of Covenant, and CoolProps has managed to decapitate (okay, replicate) the final version that terrorized the big screen. You can even see through the thing’s silver teeth into the dark chasm of its mouth.

So, which one of these will be crawling into your lair?

(via Dread Central)

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