Prepare for the voyage with eerie first teaser for Syfy's Ascension

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May 16, 2014, 10:49 AM EDT (Updated)

It was a mission launched to save humanity, but who will save the mission?

As part of its upfront presentation this week, Syfy has just revealed the first teaser trailer for its new six-part limited series Ascension, and if you weren't already excited about this high-concept story of a secret space voyage, this footage should definitely help you along. Created by Smallville's Philip Levens and starring Battlestar Galactica fan favorite Tricia Helfer, the series follows a group of American families covertly sent into space in 1963 as part of a secret effort led by President John F. Kennedy to establish a colony on another planet and ensure a future for humanity beyond Earth. Fifty years later, in the present day, the voyage of the starship Ascension is put in jeopardy when a young girl on board is found murdered.

The trailer begins with scenes of typical American life in the 1960s. Families watch President Kennedy address the nation. Children say the pledge of allegiance in the classroom. A girl listens to records on her bedroom floor. As more details emerge, though, we realize these scenes of Americana are not playing out in 1963, but in 2014, and that all of this 1960s-era technology is being used onboard the spaceship where it was placed for Ascension's voyagers five decades earlier. It creates an arresting visual juxtaposition that definitely adds a new spin to a story of space voyaging, and by the end the tension has really ratcheted up. It's eerie, visually compelling, and definitely hooked me.

Check out the trailer below. Ascension arrives on Syfy this November.

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