President Obama honors Marvel's Sana Amanat, co-creator of Kamala Khan, at the White House

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Mar 17, 2016

While honoring modern movers and shakers as part of Women’s History Month, President Barack Obama turned the spotlight on one of Marvel’s most innovative creators.

Marvel Director of Content & Character Development Sana Amanat, editor and co-creator of Kamala Khan (aka the new Ms. Marvel), was honored at the White House along with a few other hugely influential ladies. There’s no denying Amanat’s impact on popular culture, and she represented an awesome (and forward-thinking) selection for the event. Obama noted that, for a lot of kids, “Sana is a real-life superhero” for creating a new character that has resonated with so many people. We’re inclined to agree.

Amanat even had the chance to formally introduce Obama to Ms. Marvel (thanks to the comic samples she brought along). There’s just something about the idea of a sitting president kicking back and reading a comic that warms my heart. We’d also recommend he pick up Captain America: Sam Wilson if he has a chance, because it’s diving into more than a few topical political stories these days. 

Check out some photos, plus a video of the entire event, below:


(Via Bleeding Cool, The LA Times)

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