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Preview 10 geeky Mondo posters you gotta grab at Comic-Con 2017

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Jul 14, 2017, 3:55 PM EDT

The annual geek-culture pageant that is the San Diego Comic-Con is peering right around the corner and exhibitors and vendors are straining at the gates to deliver their wonderful limited-edition prints, posters, toys, pins, shirts and all manner of magnificent nerdy treasures.

Mondo, the Alamo Drafthouse's collectible print emporium and art gallery, is heading to Southern California with a bundle of beautiful silk-screened, signed-and-numbered posters that will no doubt sell out before you can say Beetlejuice three times.

If you're a die-hard line-lounger or lucky enough to have friends in high places (at the front of the queue), then you might have a chance to score one of these collectible artworks inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, Jaws, Star Wars, Attack on Titan, Samurai Jack, Labyrinth, Beauty and the Beast, Contra, Castlevania and Rakka.

Check out these 10 preview posters in the gallery below and if you're at Comic-Con sprint for Mondo's Booth #835 and pick me up one of those 2001 gems!