Preview Titan's soaring new Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future hardcover collection

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Mar 26, 2021, 10:00 PM EDT (Updated)

Following in the grand traditions of charismatic interstellar adventurers like Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, and Star-Lord comes Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future, a new graphic novel compilation of classic Dan Dare cosmic escapades.

Titan Comics has gathered this rousing selection of Dan Dare's most daring missions in Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future -- Mission of the Earthmen in a deluxe new hardcover written by Frank Hampson, with art by Frank Bellamy. It's a joyous, 160-page jolt of pure Golden Age sci-fi action released last week that follows the soaring British hero into the Sol System and beyond.


Here's the official solicitation synopsis:

The continuing of one of science fiction's most enduring hero, Dan Dare. These are the continuing adventures of Dan Dare as he explores a region of unknown space and encounters the Zylans, a mysterious alien race a lifeform like nothing he's encountered before.

Whilst on a mission to explore a distant galaxy, Dan and Dibgy set out in a two-seater scout ship and are forced to crash land on the planet Zyl by a race of scientifically advanced beings called the Zylans. They are currently at war with the inhabitants of the planet Vort, a war-like, barbarian race and need warriors to help them defeat their enemies, however their choice of Dare and Digby brings a most unexpected conclusion to their plans of planter domination.

Mostly unfamiliar to American readers, Dan Dare was created by illustrator Frank Hampson.  The handsome, futuristic test pilot was a weekly fixture in Britain's comic strip magazine Eagle from 1950 to 1967.  A thriling Dan Dare companion radio drama also aired on Radio Luxembourg from 1951 to 1956.


Capitalizing on the nostalgia, a new ongoing Dan Dare series ​​from Titan, written by Peter Milligan and paired with pencils by artist Alberto Foche, just hit newsstands on October 11 to grab if this brand of spacefaring adventure is your cup of tea.

Check out our 6-page preview of these deluxe reprinted Dan Dan heroics in the gallery below and tell us if this badass British Buck Rogers might find a place on your holiday reading list.