Pride and Prejudice and Zombies unleashes 8 new character posters and 2 new promos

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Apr 29, 2019, 6:22 AM EDT (Updated)

Eight new character posters for Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, as well as two new promos, have made their way online ahead of the film’s imminent release.

The horror zombie movie is a parody of Jane Austen’s classic novel Pride and Prejudice. But instead of Earl Grey tea and blueberry crumpets, brains are what's on the menu for the walking dead. P&P&Z was written by Seth Grahame-Smith and published in 2009. Director Burr Steers penned the screenplay for the big screen adaptation that stars Lily James (Cinderella, War and Peace) as zombie-ass-kicking heroine Elizabeth Bennet and Sam Riley (Maleficent) as equally zombie-ass-kicking hero Mr. Darcy.

Other cast members include the 11th Doctor, himself, Matt Smith (Doctor Who), Game of Thrones alums Charles Dance and Lena Heady, Douglas Booth (Jupiter Ascending), Jack Huston (Boardwalk Empire), Ellie Bamber (The Musketeers), Bella Heathcote (Dark Shadows), Millie Brady (Mr. Selfridge) and Sukie Waterhouse (Insurgent).

The posters included in the gallery below feature Lily James as Elizabeth Bennet, Sam Riley as Mr. Darcy, Douglas Booth as Mr. Bingley, Jack Huston as Mr. Wickham, Lena Headey as Lady Catherine de Bourgh, Bella Heathcote as Jane Bennet and Sukie Waterhouse as Kitty Bennet. Oh, and don’t forget the two new promos titled “Fight” and “Romance.” Not that you can forget them because they are RIGHT THERE. Check it all out!


Here's the official movie synopsis:

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a fresh twist on Jane Austen’s widely celebrated novel. A mysterious plague has fallen upon 19th century England, the land is overrun with the undead and feisty heroine Elizabeth Bennet is a master of martial arts and weaponry. Casting aside personal and social prejudices, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy must unite on the blood-soaked battlefield to rid the country of the zombie menace and discover their true love for one another.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies will open in movie theaters on Feb. 5, 2016.

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