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Prime 1 Studio spawns a sensational new Swamp Thing statue

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Sep 7, 2017

DC's magnificent muck monster is one of the company's most revered characters, dating back to his first appearance in House of Secrets #92 back in 1971.

Created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson, the soulful swamp dweller has survived over 45 years of supernatural exploits, and a new deluxe collector statue seeks to immortalize Swamp Thing for posterity in premium polystone perfection.

The amazing level of detail that Prime 1 Studio's design, sculpt, and paint team has cultivated into their 33-inch-tall, 1/3-scale masterpiece is astounding, and if you stare long enough you just might spy the creature silently striding off your screen into the humid depths of the Louisiana bayou after delivering an insolent red-eyed glare.

This breathtaking edition is limited to 500 pieces and comes equipped with a selection of vine-knotted interchangeable hands, tree-like arms, a jagged elemental sword, a moveable lotus flower, and a peaceful little yellow bird.

It's definitely on the pricey side at $1,599, but we're talking fine art here!  Prime 1 Studio's striking Swamp Thing statue is available to pre-order now from Sideshow Collectibles for delivery between November 2018 and January 2019.

Check out the official description and full gallery of Swampy preview images below and see if they grow on you.

“Dr. Alec Holland had all the answers... he was an intelligent man... but Alec Holland is dead... and in his place stands only a... SWAMP THING!”

Sideshow and Prime 1 Studio are proud to present Swamp Thing! The Swamp Thing, also known by Dr. Alec Holland is an elemental creature who shares a connection to all plant life on the planet Earth through a network called the Green. He is a mass of vegetable matter that absorbed the memories and personality of Alec Holland, a botanist who died in a swamp shortly after creating a hormonal Bio-Restorative Formula for plants.

(Via Flickering Myth)

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