Primeval: New World ... axed? Creators hope to avoid extinction

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Feb 22, 2013, 12:05 PM EST

After just one season, the Canadian spinoff to U.K’s Primeval, titled Primeval: New World, is sadly about to become as extinct as those once-mighty dinosaurs.

That’s what the Canadian broadcaster SPACE has confirmed via its official Primeval Twitter account @PrimevalNewWrld.

They tweeted:

“It’s true: @SPACEchannel has decided to not renew #PrimevalNewWorld. We are in talks with other international broadcasters — stay tuned!”

When we first heard news of Primeval: New World, it was described to us as an “older, darker and scarier” version of the U.K.’s Primeval series.

However, it seems like the new series has been struggling to find an audience in North America.

While we’re disappointed SPACE has decided not to renew Primeval: New World, at least they’re trying to shop it around. Which is a small consolation.

Are you shocked by Primeval: New World's cancellation after only one season? Do you think there are chances the show could be picked up by another channel, or do you believe it should become as extinct as the dinosaurs?

(via SFX)