Primeval's back, and its creator vows answers

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Dec 14, 2012, 4:09 PM EST

Who doesn't like a show about freakish time-teleporting dinosaurs that terrorize contemporary humanity? If you haven't experienced that kind of bizarro fun, then you haven't caught up with BBC America's sci-fi series Primeval (also shown on Syfy). The premise revolves around a group of scientists, cops and soldiers investigating temporal rifts around England that have allowed prehistoric creatures such as mammoths, saber-toothed cats, dodos and flesh-eating fungus to wreak havoc in the present.

Despite being a three-season hit in the U.K., Primeval was actually canceled last June due to the massive budget needed to produce the ambitious CG dinos and futuristic creatures for the small screen. But the series was saved from extinction by a complicated funding partnership involving five production entities (including BBC World), which ensures it will be back for a fourth and fifth season featuring a cumulative 13 episodes in 2011.

"It's the show you can't kill," co-creator and writer Adrian Hodges said with a laugh in an exclusive phone interview on Wednesday.

Hodges revealed that he and his team are already deep into the development of season four. "We are actually just casting two or three new major roles right now. We'll have them cast in the next week or two. We also have scripts for the first six episodes and storylines and treatments for the remaining seven. We start shooting in the middle of March."

The third-season finale of Primeval left heroic team leader Danny Quinn (Jason Flemyng) trapped in Pliocene Africa, leaving fans to wonder whether he will ever return.

Hodges revealed that season four "will be starting a year later [from the end of season three]. All the cast you know will reappear, but they won't all necessarily reappear straightaway or for the whole season. However, we will be giving satisfying answers to all those cliffhangers."

You can catch up with a Primeval marathon on Syfy on March 2.

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