Prison guards confiscate amazingly realistic Final Fantasy weapons

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Dec 15, 2012

Prisoners tend to have a good bit of spare time, so it's no surprise that the more industrious ones find projects to keep them occupied. A lot of those projects wind up being pretty impressive, but few are more impressive than this arsenal of weapons—several of them from the Final Fantasy franchise—crafted entirely out of matchsticks and glue.

Yup, that's Squall's legendary Gunblade up there, and next to it is the Buster Sword. The Gunblade is so detailed that the barrel actually revolves, but it's nothing but thousands of matchsticks glued together and painted.

Prison officials at the Category C Usk prison in Monmouthshire, Wales, did acknowledge that the collection was impressive, but felt they had to confiscate them anyway. In a security bulletin issued to other prisons warning them of the behavior, prison governor Steve Cross said they "blended fantasy with deadly functionality."

"Their realism presented a genuine threat to the safety of staff, visitors and other prisoners," Cross said.

Apparently making weapons out of matchsticks is a thing in U.K. prisons (a story in The Sun links this case to a case of two matchstick knives found at another prison). If they're made right, they could actually be useful for, you know ... stabbing people. But who would make a Gunblade with a fully revolving barrel just to mess it up by hacking into someone's throat?

(The Sun via boingboing)

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