Producer Chris Morgan finally updates us on that Legend of Conan film

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Feb 9, 2015, 5:37 PM EST (Updated)

With the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger in one of his most iconic roles in the upcoming summer tentpole Terminator: Genisys, it's time ask another question: What’s the deal with everyone's favorite barbarian? Producer Chris Morgan, who wrote every Fast & Furious flicks after Tokyo Drift, recently sat down with Empire and updated the fans about The Legend of Conan, a film still listed as being in development (the last time we had some concrete news was back in 2013). Here's what he said:

“I'm super excited! And Arnold is super excited too. It's the perfect movie for him, because it plays into his own journey.”

One thing that'll no doubt spur the new Conan movie into Cimmerian action is the arrival of a new screenwriter — since Morgan didn’t have the time to write it himself — with Morgan confirming that the latest draft of the screenplay is being penned by Gangster Squad scriptwriter Will Beall.

“Andrea Berloff [Straight Outta Compton] did a draft, and then we had Will step on. I approached him early on in the process, but at the time he was unavailable and couldn’t do it. But then a couple of weeks after he passed on the project I got this package from him in the mail, and I opened it and it was a Conan sword, and on the envelope it said, ‘This you can trust!’ So when he called back a while later and said he’d had a slot open up, we slammed him in immediately. He’s just perfect for it; he loves it as much as I do and he has a great voice of Conan. It just makes you happy!”

The Legend of Conan will pick up where 1982’s Conan the Barbarian (by John Milius) left off — totally ignoring Conan the Destroyer (thankfully) and the 2011 reboot with Jason Momoa in the process — when we saw our main man, Conan, now an older man and wearing the jeweled crown of Aquilonia. This means that the new flick will be more about Milius’ version of the Cimmerian rather than that of original author Robert E. Howard. There is actually a Howard novel that has Conan as an older man, with a throne and a kingdom. The title was Hour of the Dragon, which was also published as Conan the Conqueror. Morgan says:

“We look at all the source material and we love things that kind of speak to that tone. We’re incredibly respectful to Howard. I’m a huge fan of the stories and books, but I’m a super-huge fan of the first movie, because that crystallised and distilled it all for me. Milius just killed it. He did such a good job. And Legend Of Conan is really resonant and it really digs into the legacy of that original film. I'm already very proud of it.”

So, when is the long-gestating The Legend of Conan set to hit the big screen? Morgan says that “Literally right now we're talking about when it can go ahead. We're figuring it out. I can't really say ... but it's sooner than you might think!”

Are you looking forward to seeing Arnie reprising another of his iconic roles? Do you have faith that The Legend of Conan will actually see the light of day?

(via Empire)